Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Guvments Ultimate Goal

I have finally come to the conclusion that all this banter in Washington over taxes, bailouts, health care, etc. is basically about our country turning into a democratic dictatorship. The party now in power wants to control everything you do, your business, your health, your children's education, and your money. They realize that the money is key to control of everything else. Mr. Obama wants to take money from those that have it, and set up a tax system that forces you to do what they want to keep them from taking every red cent. Then take that money and give it to the people with less money, and therefore power, to buy their votes for the next election so they can stay in power.

The left is scared of the people in this country that have money (power), influence (power), access to the free press (power), and of course guns (power). The left is terrified of religion because it is another form of organization, and because it replaces the government as the seat of all that is good and powerful. A Higher Power is terrifying to them, since people that believe in that Higher Power are not scared of being defiant of the governments power. The Tea Parties scare the bejeezes out of the left because it is people organizing with out the great community organizers help. I believe that the next round of elections will be tough on this country but we need to split the power base in Washington so that nothing can get done. It seems to work better that way.