Saturday, March 27, 2010

How to Handle the Progressives

If you look at the 2008 electoral map you will notice most of it is RED. Click . I would like you to note that by geographic area the country is mostly conservative. I would also like you to note that the parts of the country that actually produce, food, energy, and most products are located in the Red areas, and the that the blue areas are located around the edges (east and left coast) and in the big cities. These areas are geographically small and isolated. If we end up having the liberal/progressive crazies keeping up their onslaught of socialism, the red areas have a pretty good hold on the parts that make society function on a basic level, again food and fuel. I am not suggesting we acutally use this to our advantage, yet, but it is a very interesting observation. No food, no fuel, no power. Just a thought.