Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I don't know about where your from, but around these parts we know about the use of a TARP. It is used to cover up JUNK. We use tarps to cover up all our stuff that really isn't worth putting in a building or worrying to much about. We also use them to cover up the stuff that is just so junky that we don't want our neighbors to see. We cover up rusted out trucks, tires, old furniture with peeling veneer, tractor parts, and just about anything else that ain't good enough to put in a proper shed.

Well I think that the folks in Washington finally got an acronym about right. The Trouble Asset Relief Fund (TARP) is just about the same as what we cover our junk with. It is being used to cover up all the Wall Street crap that they don't won't us, their redneck neighbors, to see. And just like a regular tarp this TARP will finally start fraying and getting holes in it so we can see what is hidden underneath. I am afraid that it will be about the same as what is hidden under most tarps. But I guarantee that this junk will be a whole lot uglier and more expensive. My two cents, probably all any of us will have left when this is over.

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