Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well I either missed my career choice on the high side or low side, because in the middle sure ain't the place to be. I could have been a Wall Street fat cat and lost billions of dollars and still gotten a huge bonus for last year, more than I will make in most of my life, or a low life lazy bum that gets government handouts, got a $300,000 house on a McDonald's salary and will now get to keep it with our money paying his house note. Where the hell did this come from???? It seems that it is now fiscally irresponsible to pay your bills, live within your means, and act like you have half a bucket of sense.

Were are a month into four years of sheer fiscal HELL. By the time these idiots get done with the economy we will have the standard of living or Rwanda, Botswana, or some other third world country. Nancy and Harry are buying their votes from their constituency right now and when the let all the illegals vote the rest of us will have to move to Canada to feel like we are in a normal democracy, and I thought the Canucks were socialist leaning. My predictions are that the dems will outlaw all guns (scared of a revolution), outlaw liquor (causes diseases), and make marijuana legal to help out their friends south of the border.


Friday, February 13, 2009


Damn, I'm terribly stimulated, even after Evan Williams and I have gone a few rounds. Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid have STIMULATED me to an extreme extent. How can the congress spend $800,000,000,000 (8x10^12, I think I'm right after a few doses of the cure), in less than 24 hours and not even give the American public the time to read the damn thing. Oh, I forgot that about half of the public could not read 1,100 pages of crap in less than a year due to our wonderful education system. I would just take my cut and invest it in rubles, dinars, pesos, or other currency that will be worth at least something in the future. Mr. Obama is turning into the WORST Jimmy Carter that I have ever seen. I,m going back and get another dose of the cure to help me through this. Matter of fact, I am going to load up on several CASES of the cure with some American dollars while they are still worth something. At least I will be able to numb the pain a little on the way.

Monday, February 2, 2009

TAX ISSUES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Well my friends it seems that the meek are not the only ones that can't seem to pay their taxes properly. Pres. Obama has chosen two, purportedly intelligent, men to head parts of his cabinet that can't even seem to get the tax paying thing correct. I am not sure whether these two fine men were skipping out on paying their taxes, did not think they would be caught, or just could not figure out the damn tax code. I know people that probably fall into all three of these.

I have a solution to the umpteen thousand pages of tax laws. We need a FLAT tax. Just take 10 to 15% of every ones pay, bonuses, capital gains, etc and be done with deductions, loop holes, forgotten little perks, etc. It would cut the need for the IRS, some accountants, and a whole bunch of wasted money getting people to figure out how to keep you from paying your taxes. Oh, wait a minute, that would hurt our economy because it would get rid of government jobs, and seasonal workers from the likes of H&R Block. I guess all the money that would be put back into the economy could not make up for those government jobs.

We need some common sense again, spend less than you make, save your money, do something productive for a living, and help you neighbor. But again that would cut the government out of running our lives for us. I need a real good batch of the cure to get me over these folks.