Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Now?

Congratulations Mr. Obama. The country has elected its' first black president and this bodes well for putting aside racial questions for the future. He was elected by the complete color spectrum. Although I do not share his left wing liberal political views, I do wish him well and I hope he will govern from the center for the good of the USA. If Mr. Obama, Ms. Pelosi, and Mr. Reid use this occasion only to advance the far left agenda, it will come back to haunt them for a very long time.

I am concerned about the direction our nation will now move. I see many of the older laws that are now no longer needed ( i.e affirmative action legislation). I do agree that change is needed, but not liberal, leftist change. I am a staunch conservative on fiscal policy, and big government, somewhat more centrist on personal issues.

We must hope that Mr. Obama's harsh rhetoric against certain industries, for higher taxes on those that have the means to drive the economy, and on certain environmental issues that could cause the US to be uncompetetive were just that, rhetoric to help him get elected. We must pray that he picks a more centrist cabinet and works toward the center, although his past legislative agenda does not point to this.

We must also hope that Mr. Obama will not kow-tow to his base and just hand out money. He must use the bully-pulpit to drive those that do not want to work to take part and be productive in this nation. He must use this opportunity to push for all people to be productive parts of the society, including the 40% that do not currently pay income tax. I do hope that this will show all people that the USA is the land of opportunity, where hardwork can make a difference and let you get ahead. If Mr. Obama is nothing else it he is an example of what hardwork and initiative can bring.

The conservatives must now regroup and find a way to be relavent in the current political atmosphere. I believe that all conservatives must now work together to ensure that we do not allow the far left to become the absolute rulers of this country.

I do believe that this is a watershed moment in the history of our country. I does truly matter how the country reacts whether it is positive or negative. If we become divided with hate groups on both sides (i.e. KKK and Black Panthers) this potentially positive happening could bring mass chaos, political and social unrest, and race wars. Our country does not need this at anytime but especially not now.

We must all pray for our Country and our elected officials, and hope that they do believe in God and will ask for his divine guidance.

I hope I will be in my usual ironically satirical mood soon. This election has worn me out as I suspect it has many other.

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