Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cold Weather Ride

Ain't nothin' better than a good ride on a cold crisp afternoon. All our "donkeys" behaved for the most part. Big Dog my QH acted up just enough to make it fun, he usually has a couple of good kicks before his first canter of the day. The two fillys took off and had a good time except for the normal mare moments between the two. Still trying to figure out who is boss. It was a beautiful afternoon and a good way to waste time before gun season opens. Won't be much hoss riding once deer season opens, to busy and to many folks can't tell the difference in a horse and a big doe. I guess the house democrats can't tell the difference and that is why they support gun control, don't want any horses being mistaken for deer, just kidding, the just don't like venison steak. That must be the true mark of a socialist/communist. Don't need no firearm to kill a tofu.

Have a great week in this GREAT country of ours, and straigh shootin next weekend.

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