Thursday, December 4, 2008


Last month it was 25 BILLION now it is 34 BILLION. The car folks are like teenagers asking for more cash and not telling us that the extra 9 BILLION is to buy extra beer with. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING. If we give them that much money the auto companies should give each taxpaying American a damn free car and then they would be bankrupt anyway. I should at least get another truck out of the deal before I have to buy a Japanese psuedotruck. Congress is just pandering to the unions, management is trying to figure out how to put up enough money to retire to the Caribbean, Gettlefinger is just trying to figure out what happened, and they all are trying to hurry up and get done before the taxpayer figures out that someone forgot the Vaseline. I am glad to own horses. At least I will be able to get from one place to the other when our country is bankrupt. I also know how to grow my own food, kill my own meat, fix a 40 year old tractor, build my own buildings, and I have a nice 78 El Camino that will work just fine to get me from one place to another without computer to breakdown. We will soon be back to where we belong. As Bocepheus says A Country Boy Can Survive. I am going for a great big tumbler of the cure so I can forget this nonsense for at least an hour or two.

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MSEQ said...

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IMO Ford shouldn't' get a dime no matter what. They're closing operations here in the USA and investing in Mexico."


"In addition to what it anticipates in terms of a new transportation corridor that will come up through Mexico and the American highway into the United States, it also includes the incentives to major corporations, such as Ford Corporation of our country that is laying off people in our country, now an additional 30,000 jobs to be lost here in the United States, and Ford is planning to employ over 150,000 more workers in Mexico, announcing it will be investing over $9.2 billion in Mexico."


And from:

"The move is a blow to American car workers who had hoped the factory would be built in the United States.

Ford has lost more than $15bn (£7.5bn) over the past two years and says the new facility is crucial to its future.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon hailed the announcement as a "turning point" for his country.

The new factory, and other changes to Ford's Mexican operations, are likely to create an estimated 4,500 jobs in Mexico, where car workers earn substantially less than their American counterparts."