Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well I either missed my career choice on the high side or low side, because in the middle sure ain't the place to be. I could have been a Wall Street fat cat and lost billions of dollars and still gotten a huge bonus for last year, more than I will make in most of my life, or a low life lazy bum that gets government handouts, got a $300,000 house on a McDonald's salary and will now get to keep it with our money paying his house note. Where the hell did this come from???? It seems that it is now fiscally irresponsible to pay your bills, live within your means, and act like you have half a bucket of sense.

Were are a month into four years of sheer fiscal HELL. By the time these idiots get done with the economy we will have the standard of living or Rwanda, Botswana, or some other third world country. Nancy and Harry are buying their votes from their constituency right now and when the let all the illegals vote the rest of us will have to move to Canada to feel like we are in a normal democracy, and I thought the Canucks were socialist leaning. My predictions are that the dems will outlaw all guns (scared of a revolution), outlaw liquor (causes diseases), and make marijuana legal to help out their friends south of the border.



Bio Bo said...

I can't say as I disagree with your concerns there, citizen; but we have to remember that those people work for us. And we have to remind them of that every chance we get... however way we can.
It's becoming more evident that they don't believe that they do work for us... at least Princess Pelosi, Prince Harry, and King Obama don't. Maybe we need to organize our own 10M man march? We certainly wouldn't make any bigger mess than was made at the enauguration, don't you know...

Editor said...

the primrose path is beginning to look more and more like a trip around the bowl.....and down the hole.