Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vegans are killing the world!!!!!!

I am going to start a new food movement, watch out Southern Foodways Alliance. I believe that the vegans are causing global warming. What happens when you eat only vegetables, especially beans, same problem as cows, who eat only vegetables. In addition, what happens when you kill plants to eat them. They are no longer able to remove the carbon dioxide that causes global warming. So I am proposing that we approach this from a liberal point of view. Step 1. Start a movement to have only synthetically produced food available (anyone remember Soylent Green). Step 2. Tax all vegetables and all other produce ( this would be akin to a carbon tax) and have a progressive tax that the more you eat the more you are taxed. Step 3. Try to convince us that this will save the world and that anyone that is against this movement is a NeoCon.

Sounds crazy doesn't it? Well this is what is happening in Washington right now with the energy, health care, economy, etc. Google the movie Soylent Green and find out that 36 years ago someone was prescient enough to see that big government turns out to only be interested in self perpetuation, and Orwell's 1984 is not so far off either. I believe I am going to have a large steak and baked potato (I am an omnivore!!!) and a large does of the cure. I think the bureaucrats in Washington would legislate much better if they started their day with a fifth for breakfast, maybe they would be asleep by noon and cause us less trouble.

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