Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where do these people come from?

I just love the news we have received today. Republican Governor Mark Sanford went "hiking" supposedly on the Appalachian Trail, which turns out to be code for Argentina, and we can only guess what "hiking" means. He disappearred from the face of the earth, reappears in Atlanta and then goes on to tell us that he "disappointed" and hurt a lot of people. HUH??????????????
I guess he just forgot what the cost for this would be to his sons, wife, and constituents.

I don't understand what it is with people that attain positions of power. I think that they believe they are above morality and that they won't ever get caught. Well lets see, Clinton, Edwards, Kennedy, Guilliani, McCain. What is it with these folks? Does power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absulutely?

Please give me a politician that can keep his pants zipped, follow through on his rhetoric, and walk the walk (including following Christian teachings) and not just talk the talk. And I mean walk the walk for a lifetime not only when convenient. I believe we should insert a morality clause into the constitution that forces politicians to leave office if they are so inclined to venture too far afield. I do believe in redemption, but would rather have good examples for my children. My teenager looked at me and said "at least it wasn't a man". What is this world coming too?

I do pray for these people, and hope they find their way back to the right path.

No wonder that no one trusts politicians.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I think the latest healthcare issues are very interesting. I read an article that pointed out that the party in power referred to the "uninsured in America", not "uninsured Americans". I guess that is so they can claim they always meant to insure the illegal aliens, that just happened to come to the US, don't pay taxes, but will probably be counted in the next census run by Mr. Obama and ACORN.

I don't believe that health insurance is a inalienable right, just as having an EBT card and getting to eat steak, while all of the people paying for that EBT card eat hamburger and store brand foods. I think if healthcare is going to be fixed we need to fix the whole damn thing not just the feel good parts that buy votes for the Dems.

Here is my suggestion.

1. Limit malpractice suits to a reasonable level, like $500,000 if the Doc cuts off the wrong leg. (will drive plaintiffs bar crazy, because yachts will be out of the price range with these small settlements).

2. Replace Medicaid with a system of free clinics owned by the government and staffed with left leaning doctors, or better yet PETA people. (Oops I forgot to include free vet clinics in with it).

3. DO not provide medical coverage to illegal aliens unless they pay up front, and don't let babies born to illegals in the US become citizens. (I don't understand how someone here illegally should have the rights of legal citizens).

4. LEAVE me the hell alone about my private health insurance that cost out the tail. Anyway about 1/3 of that goes to cover all the damn people in items 2 and 3.

5. If you insist on universal coverage, let anyone that wants to "opt out" and sign a waiver saying they don't ever want government help, and let me keep my private insurance, and let that develop into a better private healthcare system with on burden from the dead beats.

6. Send all the folks that want universal healthcare to Canada, where they can end up dying waiting to have an ingrown toenail removed.

These guvment people drive me crazy, we need the country run by a bunch of practical people not a bunch of lawyers that could not even cut it as lawyers.

I am going to get a touch of the cure.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


What is this country coming too? Now we have the guvment telling our capitalist (well used to be) companies how much they can pay their muckatemucks. This is pure and simply SOCIALISM. Here is how it works. The guvment is now controlling the banks that will control the money that can be used to bail out the car companies, that can employ the unions (oops, I forgot the unions know own the companies, and control the congress), that will now produce electric cars, so that the oil companies will not have anything to sell, so that we will have to buy more electricity, so that everyone will have to pay higher energy taxes after the cap and trade for carbon emissions, so that we will have to go on welfare, so we can't pay our mortgages, and the we can be all housed in guvment housing (that the chinese own), and buy our groceries with the EBT card, all of this happens after they confiscate our guns because they might get used in the mexican drug wars. This country is going to HELL IN A HANDBASKET, and we are letting it happen. I guess I am going to have to start producing the cure on a commerical basis and barter for my guns and bullets, after I have a touch of the cure.

My new Moto is "Don't Tread on Me!" lookup the Gadsden Flag.