Saturday, November 1, 2008

Selfish, Hell Yea!

Selfish because I don't want to pay a higher tax rate.? Well, Yea. The libs want to feel better with the self flagalation of higher taxes. It will make them feel better because they are helping someone. We conservatives are real "selfish" because we give our money directly our "selfish" alma maters to help with scholarships for the less privaleged, our "selfish" churches for mission work and helping the poor, our "selfish" local charities that help the local needy. Yea, we conservatives are really "selfish". Especially Mississippi conservatives, who by the way have the highest per capita giving based on income level in the country. By the way, Joe B. gave something like a whopping $900 last year as charitable giving.

The libs just want to take your money and make themselve feel generous by letting the government use the money as they see fit. And benefits them through the purchase of votes with our charitable tax money, and giving to the likes of ACORN. That's the bottom line. Higher taxes=less money for charities. They want to redistribute your money to make themselves feel better, while their Presidential Candidate stays at a ritzy New York Hotel and orders IRANIAN caviar.

I'll just stay selfish thank you very much, and the "selfish" charities will probaby thank me.

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