Friday, October 31, 2008

Presidentail Positivity.

I have decided to be positive about the possibility of a Obiden presidency. Here are the great and wonderful things that will be brought to us.

1. Within two weeks of taking office we will be able to burn a Cuban legally.
2. Within in two years it will take 5 years to have the surgery to help cure the lung cancer caused by the Cuban. But everyone will have equal non-access to health care.
3. We will earn a wonderful guaranteed return on our state sponsored pensions (at least 3% less than the inflation rate).
4. No one will worry or stress over their jobs. Why work hard, Comrade, you will end up with the same pay if you are excavating a ditch with a shovel or are the founder of Google.
5. We will finally be able to listen to liberals on Talk Radio.
6. Bow season will be a lot longer.

I sure hope they don't outlaw the Cure, we will all need a heavy dose.

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