Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Economy, What Economy

With all the recent talk of the economic downturn, falling stock market, tight credit, and general malaise, I just have one question. How can you borrow your way out of debt? I cant' borrow my way out of debt, so how can the US or the rest of the world. Our great and wonderful leaders decided to give away money to banks, companies, homeless polar bears, but where did they get the money. I guess the same place that they have propose to get another 150 BILLION to give to the general populace to kick start the economy. Unfortunately, this is the same thing that got us into this problem we know have. Borrow now for x, y or z ($500,000 house on $25K salary) and worry about it latter. Well Washington Weasels LATTER HAS COME, and will keep coming until we can live within our means, everyone fends for themselves, and you quite lining your pockets with our money. I think a dose of Caveman reality needs to be put back into our society. If you want to eat you have to go out, kill something and drag it home.

Folks in Mississippi will be fine for right now because most of us are still gun toting, Bible believing, hardworking folks that can go out and literally kill something and bring it home for supper. Lets hope it does not come to that and that our "friends" in Washington won't take our rights away to have guns or the Bible. It looks like were heading down the road to socialism (gov't owned businesses) which eventually leads to communism. Especially if the election goes the way it looks right now (Marxism here we come). If times get bad enough the sad fact is many people will look to the government to rescue them individually (just like it is now resuceing the banking system) and there we go a little further down the socialist path.

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