Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Don't Really Care About Polar Bears

Polar bears are evidently going to be one of the newest victims of global warming. Evidently the Saudi's and OPEC don't care about polar bears either, since they are pushing their black gold just as hard as ever. I don't care about polar bears, or global warming, or most of the other 10,000 reasons for alternative energy. If polar bears and global warming float your boat (and with global warming you will have more ocean than ever to float in) on getting the US off of the crack habit (oops I mean oil) then more power too ya! I believe that alternative energy, in all its forms, is a great and wonderful thing. We can get energy from the wind when the sun don't shine and energy from the sun when the wind is calm. The ocean is going to go up and down regardless of what we do and we should use that too. I love atom smashing the the heat from that so let's go nuke. Geothermal also warms my heart.

Look folks this is one area where we need to be self sufficient. Once self sufficient oil will cost $20 bucks a barrel because no one in the US will need it. The Middle East will not be rife with money and then will not have the capability to hold our attention, thus we will not need to have a military presence there. Some day we may be back to help ourselves to free sunshine and not oil.

This is one plan where T. Bone, excuse me T.Boone Pickens, the Green Party, the Natural Resources Defense Fund, the Republicans, the Democrats, Winnie the Pooh and everyone else can agree. More energy at home, equals better security, equals more jobs here, equals less green house gases, less global warming (or cooling depending on your politics), better ice for the polar bears, and a generally better U.S. economy. I guess the only problem will be with the threatened Prairie Chicken in the Texas Panhandle and the endangered desert tortoise in California. But hey, why should I care about them, I've already written off the bears.

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