Wednesday, October 22, 2008

GNR (Guns n Religion)

So, why are the liberals so afraid of GNR (well in the original Axl was pretty scary)? And why does Mr. Obama decry the folks in western PA as clinging to their "guns and religion"? I believe these are the same people that Mr. Murtha (an elected representative of these same people) called "Rednecks" as a correction to a prior comment that I will not rehash.

The liberals are afraid of these two things above all else, because the nexus of the two is POWER in the hands of the people. The liberals know that they will not be able to control the populous if it has firearms that could potentially be used to resist their "benevolent" plans for the country. The distibuted ownership of firearms negates much of their power over the country. Religion also negates their power, because people that believe in God owe their allegiance and to a power much higher than any government. Mr. Obama also flippantly acknowledged this in his "higher than my pay grade" comment on abortion.

Yes the liberals are afraid of GNR and rightly so. As long as these two rights are not removed from the American people we have a chance. If we allow the government to subvert our rights, especially these two, we are sliding further down the path of socialism and on or way to a Marxist country. Everyone please cling to your GNR for the good of the USA.

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