Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Government is on Drugs

Our government must be on crack, or meth, or coke. I think it must definitely be meth. These folks can't sit still long enough to let any of their other drug induced plans take effect before they want to try something else. I believe they are addicted. The problem is that the liberals have hooked the conservatives and now everyone in Washington seems to need a fix, and on a more regular basis.

Does this country really need another "stimulus" package (i.e. hit)? What we really need is an intervention and rehab. Maybe then our country could get back to being clean and sober in a fiscal sense.

On second though, the drug that Washington is on is called "Money" with a little extra toke of "Power". The only problem is that Washington gets to manufacuture both, so it is will be a long time before they get straight.

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