Monday, October 27, 2008

The Cure for Our Politics

I'm tired of all the politics. By now we know what the liberal media, and some conservatives think about the presidential race, and if the polls are right we will be hearing much crowing from the left (We WON woohoo!) and the right (Sarah Palin was much to provincial to help John McCain win).

I have found the cure for our political season!!!!!!!!!!! Bourbon, in all flavors. Does bourbon have flavors? Hell yes!!! Here is a quick run down on my cures.

Kentucky Tavern and Diet Coke (when you need to really tie one on to forget about all the money the guvement done took, and you don't have enough left for any of the good stuff.)

Jim Beam and water (this is a daily sipper to take the edge off when the stock market is down 500 points and you just need to relax).

Marker's Mark and a cube (best for not so deep thought on the world, and social occasions when you need to remain responsible and not sound like you do no your blog.)

Knob Creek straight up (Oh how wonderful do things actually get? This is for deep contemplation of the problems of the world. After just a couple you will have delusions of grandeur and believe you can solve them all. It will raise your IQ at least 50 points. I believe we will all need this for many years to come. Unfortunately we probably won't be able to afford it. What a shame.)

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