Friday, October 31, 2008

Presidentail Positivity.

I have decided to be positive about the possibility of a Obiden presidency. Here are the great and wonderful things that will be brought to us.

1. Within two weeks of taking office we will be able to burn a Cuban legally.
2. Within in two years it will take 5 years to have the surgery to help cure the lung cancer caused by the Cuban. But everyone will have equal non-access to health care.
3. We will earn a wonderful guaranteed return on our state sponsored pensions (at least 3% less than the inflation rate).
4. No one will worry or stress over their jobs. Why work hard, Comrade, you will end up with the same pay if you are excavating a ditch with a shovel or are the founder of Google.
5. We will finally be able to listen to liberals on Talk Radio.
6. Bow season will be a lot longer.

I sure hope they don't outlaw the Cure, we will all need a heavy dose.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Now They Want to Take Your Steak and Feed You Alpo

It now appears that the possible three headed dog (Pelosi, Reid, and maybe Obama) are looking hungrily at your 401K. Seems that all that talk about redistribution is making them even more likely to try to redistribute even more. Now who would you rather trust with your retirement funds, the folks that end up with $6,000 dollar toilet seats on our bombers when Wally World has them for $6. This is exactly where your money could be going, right down there under your toilet seat. Looks like the liberal braintrust now wants to keep your money, make you pay 5% more of what you earn into a federal pension plan, and then give you a 3% return. Will you even put your money in a 6 month CD at 3%, I sure won't. The possible Three Headed Dog will likely also have a big appetite for more of our money and will even try to tell us how to spend what they don't take. I wish I had enough imagination to make all this up. I guess I will need a really big dose of the CURE to get over even the thought of this. Here is the link to the story.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Cure for Our Politics

I'm tired of all the politics. By now we know what the liberal media, and some conservatives think about the presidential race, and if the polls are right we will be hearing much crowing from the left (We WON woohoo!) and the right (Sarah Palin was much to provincial to help John McCain win).

I have found the cure for our political season!!!!!!!!!!! Bourbon, in all flavors. Does bourbon have flavors? Hell yes!!! Here is a quick run down on my cures.

Kentucky Tavern and Diet Coke (when you need to really tie one on to forget about all the money the guvement done took, and you don't have enough left for any of the good stuff.)

Jim Beam and water (this is a daily sipper to take the edge off when the stock market is down 500 points and you just need to relax).

Marker's Mark and a cube (best for not so deep thought on the world, and social occasions when you need to remain responsible and not sound like you do no your blog.)

Knob Creek straight up (Oh how wonderful do things actually get? This is for deep contemplation of the problems of the world. After just a couple you will have delusions of grandeur and believe you can solve them all. It will raise your IQ at least 50 points. I believe we will all need this for many years to come. Unfortunately we probably won't be able to afford it. What a shame.)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Don't Really Care About Polar Bears

Polar bears are evidently going to be one of the newest victims of global warming. Evidently the Saudi's and OPEC don't care about polar bears either, since they are pushing their black gold just as hard as ever. I don't care about polar bears, or global warming, or most of the other 10,000 reasons for alternative energy. If polar bears and global warming float your boat (and with global warming you will have more ocean than ever to float in) on getting the US off of the crack habit (oops I mean oil) then more power too ya! I believe that alternative energy, in all its forms, is a great and wonderful thing. We can get energy from the wind when the sun don't shine and energy from the sun when the wind is calm. The ocean is going to go up and down regardless of what we do and we should use that too. I love atom smashing the the heat from that so let's go nuke. Geothermal also warms my heart.

Look folks this is one area where we need to be self sufficient. Once self sufficient oil will cost $20 bucks a barrel because no one in the US will need it. The Middle East will not be rife with money and then will not have the capability to hold our attention, thus we will not need to have a military presence there. Some day we may be back to help ourselves to free sunshine and not oil.

This is one plan where T. Bone, excuse me T.Boone Pickens, the Green Party, the Natural Resources Defense Fund, the Republicans, the Democrats, Winnie the Pooh and everyone else can agree. More energy at home, equals better security, equals more jobs here, equals less green house gases, less global warming (or cooling depending on your politics), better ice for the polar bears, and a generally better U.S. economy. I guess the only problem will be with the threatened Prairie Chicken in the Texas Panhandle and the endangered desert tortoise in California. But hey, why should I care about them, I've already written off the bears.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

GNR (Guns n Religion)

So, why are the liberals so afraid of GNR (well in the original Axl was pretty scary)? And why does Mr. Obama decry the folks in western PA as clinging to their "guns and religion"? I believe these are the same people that Mr. Murtha (an elected representative of these same people) called "Rednecks" as a correction to a prior comment that I will not rehash.

The liberals are afraid of these two things above all else, because the nexus of the two is POWER in the hands of the people. The liberals know that they will not be able to control the populous if it has firearms that could potentially be used to resist their "benevolent" plans for the country. The distibuted ownership of firearms negates much of their power over the country. Religion also negates their power, because people that believe in God owe their allegiance and to a power much higher than any government. Mr. Obama also flippantly acknowledged this in his "higher than my pay grade" comment on abortion.

Yes the liberals are afraid of GNR and rightly so. As long as these two rights are not removed from the American people we have a chance. If we allow the government to subvert our rights, especially these two, we are sliding further down the path of socialism and on or way to a Marxist country. Everyone please cling to your GNR for the good of the USA.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Government is on Drugs

Our government must be on crack, or meth, or coke. I think it must definitely be meth. These folks can't sit still long enough to let any of their other drug induced plans take effect before they want to try something else. I believe they are addicted. The problem is that the liberals have hooked the conservatives and now everyone in Washington seems to need a fix, and on a more regular basis.

Does this country really need another "stimulus" package (i.e. hit)? What we really need is an intervention and rehab. Maybe then our country could get back to being clean and sober in a fiscal sense.

On second though, the drug that Washington is on is called "Money" with a little extra toke of "Power". The only problem is that Washington gets to manufacuture both, so it is will be a long time before they get straight.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Economy, What Economy

With all the recent talk of the economic downturn, falling stock market, tight credit, and general malaise, I just have one question. How can you borrow your way out of debt? I cant' borrow my way out of debt, so how can the US or the rest of the world. Our great and wonderful leaders decided to give away money to banks, companies, homeless polar bears, but where did they get the money. I guess the same place that they have propose to get another 150 BILLION to give to the general populace to kick start the economy. Unfortunately, this is the same thing that got us into this problem we know have. Borrow now for x, y or z ($500,000 house on $25K salary) and worry about it latter. Well Washington Weasels LATTER HAS COME, and will keep coming until we can live within our means, everyone fends for themselves, and you quite lining your pockets with our money. I think a dose of Caveman reality needs to be put back into our society. If you want to eat you have to go out, kill something and drag it home.

Folks in Mississippi will be fine for right now because most of us are still gun toting, Bible believing, hardworking folks that can go out and literally kill something and bring it home for supper. Lets hope it does not come to that and that our "friends" in Washington won't take our rights away to have guns or the Bible. It looks like were heading down the road to socialism (gov't owned businesses) which eventually leads to communism. Especially if the election goes the way it looks right now (Marxism here we come). If times get bad enough the sad fact is many people will look to the government to rescue them individually (just like it is now resuceing the banking system) and there we go a little further down the socialist path.